Best Classic Toys - 1999



Curiosity Kits
American Indian Pottery


8 - 12 years


Ph: 800 584-5487

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The American Indian pottery is among the earliest forms of native American art. Children will learn the art of coiling, shaping pottery to make the piece distinctive. The kit makes one 7-inch pot or two 3- or 4-inch pots. Everything you need to make an interesting pot is included. It is for an older child who will appreciate taking the time to make something that will be enjoyed for a long time to come. The kit includes non-toxic, self-hardening clay, non-toxic paint, paint brush, a paddle and illustrated instructions. The clay is dried and can be decorated. A great treasure at a reasonable price.

This company has for more than 10 years provided children with the tools they need to have fun and enjoy making new things with their hands. Susan Magsamen planned a children's cultural arts camp, sponsored by a children's museum, and part of that activity involved creating craft projects. She then decided to create her own company and distribute her products. There are more than 90 craft projects in her line.

The goal is to provide high quality materials, tools, and the information needed to imagine and then create lasting treasures while having fun and learning. Her products are available in specialty toy stores, museums, and craft shops throughout the country.

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