Classic Toy Winner 1999


Deluxe Treacherous Tower


4 - 8 years


Ph: 800 638-1470

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This is an action layout for your young car racer. It offers a car that takes on gravity and a tangle of loops. The loops are brightly colored. The cars go fast, and the set has many features. It cannot be overwound, it has 24 moving parts, brass gears and bearings and a precision clutch.

It has been engineered by German craftsmen Helmut Darda, and it needs no batteries, keys, or electricity. It operates on and off a special track. The set has precision engineering, defies gravity, and the loops give acceleration as the car whips around curves. This set is complete with twists and turns all your young drivers needs to set it up. No less than 24 moving parts are fitted together with meticulous accuracy. Gears and bearings are made of brass for further durability, while the super-strong tension coil is designed to maintain consistent performance through thousands of winds.

Should a Mega Motor wear out, however, available replacement motors pop into the car bodies in seconds. And because its gears mesh both backwards and forwards, the Mega Motor can never be over-wound. This is a fun activity to do together.

In 1985 a Darda car was taken on the spaceship Discovery to experiment with toys in and was designed to test weightlessness on motion toys. The stop and go cars need only a small tap on the rear bumper to send them into action. The plastic is the same that's used in football helmets.

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