Best Classic Toys - 1999


Design Science Toys


7 - 12 years


Ph: 800 227-2316

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This is a classic, 7-piece puzzle made out of durable wood. It was designed by a Danish designer, Piet Hein. He was listening to a physicist, Heisenberg, talk about dividing space into cubes when he thought about joining the cubes together. The shape of the puzzle are different ways that 3 or 4 cubes can be joined together, not in a straight line. The 7 pieces can be put together to create a larger cube, the SOMA cube. There are many ways to make the SOMA cube. There are as many as 230 different solutions. You can make shapes, arches, bridges and other designs. This is a fun product for the whole family to play with. It is a beautifully designed product and is a cube that is fun to keep on your desk or to play with at any time.

Founded in 1986, by Cary Kittner and Steuart Quimby, the company under the name of Tensegrity Systems Corporation was established to educate the public about Tensegrity structures. Many new products were developed in the realm of math, science and art.

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