Best Classic Toys - 1999



Original Supermaze


3 - 5 years


Ph: 800 661-4142

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This three dimensional learning aid has been tested by the official evaluators and the ones who count the most--children, to determine that the product (and others in the series) provides hours of play value. It is used in schools, home and in play therapy and children with special needs children benefit. The device helps expand language skills as your child will talk as they move the beads through their paces. Your child will at the same time receive muscle use and practice eye-hand coordination. They move the colorful beads around on their strong wire pathways and have a great time playing and practicing.

There are many ways to obtain value in this form of play for your child including free play, looking for specific beads and asking them to trace the pathway, and to practice following directions such as Touch a round bead and move it up, down and around. Other suggestions are available in the enclosed guidance materials.

In 1983, the President of Educo, Kathy Klaus, was visiting in Autstralia (from Canada) and saw a three dimensional bead and wire maze. She contacted George Valentine, the designer, who was a principal of a school who saw the value of his invention for special needs children. In 1977 they produced their first catalog with five wires, the predecessor of the original Supermaze. The response was overwhelming. Parents, teachers and therapists agree that this product transforms play into learning. It was inducted into the Parenting Magazines Toy Hall of Fame in 1994.

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