Best Classic Toys - 1999


Golden Books
Pat The Bunny


6 - 24 months


Ph: 800 732-3263

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This is a classic by Dorothy Keunhardt. Paul and Judy play peek-a-boo, smell the flowers, look in the mirror, feel at a scratchy face and pat the bunny. The activities are in a book that allows the child to feel and experience the text and the subject. It contains surprises and easy-to-turn pages. It is a great gift. Here are Paul and Judy, they can do lots of things. You can do lots of things, too. Now you can pat the bunny. When you turn the page the bunny is soft and the child will enjoy the tactile sensation. There is a game of peek-a-boo, smelling flowers, looking in a mirror, feeling scratchy face sand paper, and reading a book, and putting a ring through the finger and saying good-bye.

This is a wonderful book published in 1940 originally and has endeared many millions of children ever since.

Golden Books Family Entertainment is a leading children's book publisher in North America. It's extensive library includes classics such as Lassie, the Lone Ranger, and Little Lulu. The animated programs include Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and Shari Lewis, Lambchop and friends. The Smithsonian Institute in Washington has recognized The Poky Little Puppy's historical value and is part of the permanent collection.

Published in 1940, Pat the Bunny was the first mass-marketed interactive children's book ever published. Pat the Bunny supports I Am Your Child, a national public awareness campaign created by the Reiner Foundation to help people understand the importance of early brain development. For more information visit or call I Am Your Child, at 888-447-3400.

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