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Pleasant Company
Molly Doll


7 - 12 years


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Molly is a 9-year-old child of World War II, being raised in 1944. She is one of the first three characters the American Girls Collection introduced in 1986. Molly's story has become very popular.

Molly at Strawberry Bank Museum gives a girl a chance to experience what life was like during World War II. The product itself is a high-quality doll and each accessory highlights the value. Molly lives an hour north of Boston. She becomes involved in a scrap metal scavenger hunt, practices an air-raid drill and shops with ration coupons in a corner grocery store. She assists her mother in Red Cross activities. She enjoys a celebration of a Victory picnic with a variety of foods.

Molly McIntyre is dressed in a stylish outfit, braids, a red pocket book and shoes. Her accessories are sold separately, a navy beret, a shoulder bag. She has a 1943 steel penny used during the war. She wears a heart locket around her neck with her father's picture. She is an 18-inch high with posable arms and legs. There are six paperback books that go with Molly. Her hair can be braided. Her outfit includes a sweater with a green and red argyle pattern. She wears a dickey, a removable collar trimmed with blue trim. She has red hair with bows and wears white anklets and black Mary Jane shoes.

There are other accessories available like Molly's 1940's bike equipped with a working light, a rear-view mirror, a wire basket, and a handlebar horn.

The book, Meet Molly, by Valerie Tripp is 59 pages with illustrations. Molly has accessories, like a school desk, school bag and supplies, a jumper and blouse, and she has a summer outfit, includes camping equipment. Molly also has a birthday party story book in which she rides her bicycle. She has a bedroom, suitcase complete with other accessories. There are scenes for Molly play area, including the bedroom, kitchen, school, corner drugstore and camp.

This collection has a lot of merit as it combines play with history and more, is very well organized and a highly enjoyable play experience for girls who benefit from having a doll they can relate to. Molly makes a wonderful gift.

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