Best Classic Toys - 1999





3 - 12 years


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Tangle is an original. It is a new form of manipulative activity that is part of K'nex, Klixs and Zoob. Tangle transforms, twists and bends to almost any shape. It is fun to use for all ages and it comes in a variety of forms. The basic original form is red, white and blue, and you can coil, link, turn, and twist to your heart's content. It makes a great gift. It is now available in five sizes and priced from $2.50 upward. Tangle is designed to assist creativity. Over 50 millions have been sold.

It was designed by the artist Richard Zawitz in 1982. A Tangle is a sculpture, puzzle, and game. It also works great for exercising your hand. It's a fluid form in space, a classic plaything. It can be played by anybody anywhere, from child to adult. It is based on infinite kinetic designs. The inventor studied art and sculpture in Japan and in other cultures. He translated a philosophy into a sculpture. He became a guru of tanglism. His first sculpture was made in wood and was called the infinite sculpture. He produced the shape in an electroplated chrome silver.

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