Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Banyan   Karadi Tales


3 - 5 years


Ph: 888-468-0334


An audio read-a-long 22-page book that also offers a 22-minute audiotape and lyrics to the songs. Children will learn colors, shapes, sizes, and opposites with stories from South Asia. The stories are written in rhyme and prose, and feature songs and pictures. Each story will help children understand and improve their listening skills. The audio cassette and read-a-long book will help a child improve attention span and reading skills. One of the best stories in the series is Fish Friends, where the characters learn a lesson when a fisherman casts his net. Other stories in this series include a story about a fox, a crow, a talking cave, a jackal, and a squirrel. Some stories are developed for the older child as well. This Canadian publisher offers a rich legacy of stories and an awareness of fables and folk tales in this excellent series.