Best 100 Toys 2000

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Bendos Spaceship Action Set

  • Active
  • Toy
  • Transportation

Price: $19.99

Ages: 3 - 5

Phone: 800-816-1135

This is a new form of action figure that encourages children to use their imagination. There are characters that are part of a space ship crew. Each Bendo comes with two accessories. They stand five and one-half inches tall and are made of flexible, plastic coated wire. They have gripper hands that hold, hang, and connect with fellow Bendos and other toys. These products are wonderful for role-playing and eye/hand coordination. The Bendos come with packs of different accessories. The space ship has a small space ship that they can all fit into. There’s a submarine, a jet plane, a speedboat, a racing car, and other fun activities that build on a child’s imagination. There is a series of costumes available for children as well that cover a variety of super heroes and characters, like the Astronaut Wizard and a knight and king. The Bendos have a great deal to offer to children. The Space Ship Action Set launches them into imaginary play in space. The Bendos Family Action Set gives them characters to role-play about, and the costume Just Pretend Super Hero outfit is great for imaginary play any time.

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