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Mia 2: Romaine's New Hat

  • Educational Skills
  • Software

Price: $19.95

Ages: 5 - 11

Phone: 877-858-8652

Mia is a mouse who has the unusual ability to move anywhere on your computer screen, so there is a high level of interaction throughout this computer game. Mia sets out to find her mother’s hat and to take it back from the evil rat, or to accumulate enough “sparklies” to buy a new one. Mia has many adventures along the way. She retrieves the hat, and then must find her way home. This sequel to Mia 1, “The Search for Grandma’s Remedy,”is an entertaining story with science activities that include topics such as the solar system, the human body, meteorology, the classification of animals, animal eating habits and habitats. For example, at Freddy the Frog’s Pond, children adjust a clock to see how the shadow changes on the sundial and how the shadow can tell time. Inside the hedge that is Simon the Scientist’s Laboratory, children play a game that teaches them to identify the parts of flowers and plants. There are over a dozen characters. The game requires concentration and observation because it teaches while providing amusement. The level of difficulty can be modified in order to challenge the player with each game. It continually grows in difficulty so that it become challenging each time it is played. The instructional video lasts for only a few minutes but it helps the first-time player. There are many techniques involved that will help children to improve their computer skills. This product has an excellent soundtrack and vivid scenery. It is an entertaining and well-produced program that your children will greatly enjoy.

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