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Apples to Apples Junior

  • Game

Price: $15.95

Ages: 7 - 12

Phone: 800-540-2304

This is a fast-moving word game that promotes reading, vocabulary, thinking and social skills. It’s great for home and classroom. The number of cards in each player’s hand is reduced from 7 to 5 and the number of green apples cards needed to win is reduced. The game consists of two sets of cards – green apple cards, each displaying a word that describes people, places, things and events and red apple cards which show the name of a person, place or event. The car tray keeps the cards stacked and makes it easy to move around the table and select the red apple card which is the one most like the green card. You mix the cards and read aloud and select the one. For example, the judge might turn up the green apple card “creepy” and the red apple card play could be “rats,” “muddy feet,” “jail,” or “in the basement.” The green card is awarded to the player of the red card selected by the judge. There are words that are familiar to early readers and of high interest. The words can provoke discussion and the game promotes cooperative play with different ages. It improves vocabulary as each card contains a different word or phrase, adjectives, and it reinforces and expands knowledge because it covers a wide range of people, places, things, and events. Children rotate the role of judge allowing all players to express themselves and it encourages thinking.

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