Best 100 Toys 2000

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Selu Spirit

Electronic neonates™

  • Doll
  • Educational Skills
  • Fantasy Play
  • Social Responsibility

Price: $199.95

Ages: 7 - 12

Phone: 877-877-3671

This new doll is electronic; it acts like an infant simulator. It cries to request care. There are different cries for different kinds of care. It takes practice to be able to tell the different cries. This neonates doll can request feeding, burping, rocking, or a diaper change. As soon as the bottle is placed in its mouth, it stops crying and makes feeding sounds along with some cooing. This is a great way to stimulate play with this toy baby. It signals the end with a coo and stops. It then makes breathing sounds and asks to have the diaper changed. If it is not supported properly or if it is handled roughly, it cries loudly. Through this doll, children learn how to care for a baby. They learn how to put the baby on its back, part of a campaign by the SIDS Alliance. An additional bonus to this is a membership card; it looks like a credit card and it has a coded number. You can go to their web site and obtain additional information from Selu Spirit. There, you can also learn about children in other countries. It comes complete with a layette, cap and gown, two cloth diapers, hospital bracelet, milk and water bottle, clubhouse membership card, and a carrying case.

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