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Anchor Bay Entertainment

Baby Songs

  • Video Tape
Ages: 1 - 4 years

Price: $12.98

Phone: 800-745-1145

Year Introduced: 1987

The popular video series Baby Songs was developed by two Los Angeles area moms. It was a big hit over 10 years ago. The video features great sing-along songs prepared and presented by Hap Palmer, and it also offers animation and live-action scenes that complement the everyday lives of children.

The themes are positive and the presentation imaginative. The series is appropriate for the whole family to enjoy together. Palmer was a pioneer in integrating music and movement.

The songs help children become more physically active while learning at the same time. The songs contained in this collection cover a good variety of important issues such as security, sharing, and growing up.

There is a real need for high quality video programs; we congratulate Hap Palmer and the producers of these series for doing an excellent job in opening the door that stimulated other great products.

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