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Educational Design

Crystal Radio Kit

  • Activity Product
  • Construction Toy
  • Creative Product
  • Educational Skills
  • Hobby
  • Toy
Ages: 8 - 12 years

Price: $ 9.95

Phone: 800-221-9372

Year Introduced: 1964

Educational Design Toys, established in 1963, introduced basic science kits called "Mini Labs." In 1964 the Crystal Radio Kit was created. It helps children "hear the world."

A child will learn how to make a working crystal radio, which can pick up radio stations. Children can also do other experiments with radio waves. There are no batteries and no soldering is required.

It's a perfect activity for an older child looking for an interesting and worthwhile challenge, and a great project to do together for even more fun. The Crystal Radio Kit will probably bring back many fond memories.

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