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Original Instant Live Sea-Monkeys

  • Activity Product
Ages: 6 - 12 years

Price: $ 7.00

Phone: 800-995-9290

Year Introduced: 1960

The "Amazing Live Sea Monkeys" became an instant hit in 1960. Children wanted these live pets that transformed right in front of them. Sea-Monkeys are hybrid brine shrimp that come to life, grow, and have families with a little help from your fledgling scientist.

In each set are live eggs, a water purifier and growth food. Today you can select from new habitats for these creatures, including the Space Shuttle Adventure that has a tank shaped like a real NASA space shuttle, complete with flag and logo.

Another habitat set is the Speedway Challenge that includes two racetracks and flags.

A Sea-Monkey has a life expectancy of up to two years. You can learn more interesting facts about these creatures by visiting the Sea-Monkey website at .

ExploraToy offers a wide diversity of fun learning products about science, math, and geography. According to ExploraToy vice-president and general manager George C. Atamian, "in the process of playing with Sea-Monkeys children are learning the wonders of marine biology."

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