Classic Toys 2000

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Ages: 3 - 7 years

Price: $ 9.99

Phone: 800-327-8264

Year Introduced: 1955

This fun product has been played with since 1955. It was designed by teacher Joseph McVicer, following a request for an alternative to modeling clay. He developed the compound into basic colors of red, blue and yellow and it soon became a favorite molding experience for preschoolers everywhere.

Playing with Play-Doh helps build small muscle dexterity.

Since the 1970's Play-Doh play sets have been produced which have expanded shaping play into different themes. There have been Pizza Parlor and Ice Cream Parlor sets, as well as a Fun Factory and the Fuzzy Pumper Beauty Shop. A recent entry into the line, the Fuzzy Pumper Pet Parlor, brings beauty to the beasts.

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