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Natural Science Industries

Deluxe Pottery Wheel

  • Activity Product
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Creative Product

Ages: 8 - 13 years

Price: $24.99

Phone: 888-425-9113

Year Introduced: 1980

What an interesting project for your child's creative expression while expanding confidence, and building a new hobby. This is an important tool to learn the art of the potter. This product has delighted many generations of potters. This pottery wheel works just like a professional wheel. I checked it with a few artists and they agree on its value. Artistic activity can start your child in the direction of making some excellent pottery plus help them feel very proud of their accomplishments. The speed is adjustable, allowing the child to safely manage the project they are working on. The set includes 2 lbs of clay (no baking required), non-toxic paint, paintbrush, modeling tools and most importantly, excellent instructions. It operates on 4 "D" size batteries. Additional clay is available in 4-pound packages.

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