Classic Toys 2000

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Twin Sisters Productions


  • Audio Tape

Ages: 4 - 7 years

Price: $ 8.99 / $19.98 (w/Book)

Phone: 800-248-8946

Year Introduced: 1989

Learning letter sounds has never been more fun. Children repeat letter sounds in a catchy rhythm, and then repeat the words that have initial consonant sounds. They review the letter sounds after being prompted.

In the "Vowel Song," colorful characters such as the cat on the mat, the pig with the wig, and the fox on the box will help children to remember the short vowel sounds.

Children will learn long vowel sounds as they sing along to music. The songs also introduce children to the letter "y."

The whole package is an excellent activity to help children learn and expand their skills in learning phonics. The coloring pages encourage children to form new words using phonic skills that they have learned from the cassette. It also includes the song lyrics, which can be reproduced for a group.

Released since 1989 "Phonics" has been offering musical assistance in learning letter sounds and improving reading skills.

Twin Sisters makes many other fine products.

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