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Ultimate Saturn 5 Rocket

  • Educational Skills
  • Transportation

Price: $44.95

Ages: 6-12 yr

Phone: 800-772-2846

This unique Logibloc system is technically an innovative and accessible product. The Space Voyager Ultimate Saturn 5 Rocket is a replica of the spacecraft that carried astronauts on historic missions including the Apollo 11 visit to the moon. The rocket separates into eight sections. It corresponds to the actual stages of the real moon launch. Your child will be able to create the countdown and launch sound effects plus the vibration that simulates the rumble and shake of liftoff. There is a realistic launch pad, lunar and command modules that lock together, a lunar lander with retractable landing gear plus a moon landing base. The Astronaut-Training manual provides step-by-step details needed for your children to recreate the historic trip, or they can imagine their own. This is a product that will help your child learn more about science. It is found in science museums and specialty toy stores--see ASTRA in Dr. Toy's Guide to Online shopping.

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