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Awesome Girls Scrapbook Fun

  • Arts and Crafts

Price: $7.99

Ages: 6-12 yr

Phone: 888-972-7879

Summertime will be more creative as your child develops her own memory book. She will be able to gather her mementos like photos, artwork, and cards, assembling them into a scrapbook designed from her own creativity. It can be easily divided into different categories. The possibilities are endless. Each kit contains a scrapbook cover, 24 blank and printed scrapbook pages, die-cut sheets, stickers, ribbons, markers, glues, gemstones, and easy-to-follow instructions. This arts and crafts activity allows your child to develop her own ideas and make something useful that she can enjoy using. A practical gift that can be used for birthdays, special events or anytime, as making a scrapbook is always fun. This is a craft project your child will enjoy for a long time.

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