Vacation Toys 2000

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Baby Buzz'r

  • Novelty
  • Transportation
  • Travel

Price: $19.95

Ages: 3 mo-3 yr

Phone: 801-495-2229

An effective way to calm a baby and to entertain at the same time. You have a gentle vibration that calms, blinking eyes that attract the baby’s attention, and a soothing lullaby to hold baby’s interest. When you activate the buzzer there is light, sounds, and vibrations.You can use these different features separately or together. They alternatively can help to catch the baby’s attention and give baby time to calm down if fussy. Distractions help to hold the child’s interest. It is a useful device when you are traveling. This product can calm upsets, or can be used when changing diapers, or when the baby is teething. This is a product that you will want to take along to keep your little one content. It is small, compact and fits easily into your handbag or diaper bag. It turns itself off in two minutes and requires two triple A batteries.

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