Vacation Toys 2000

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Builder System-Space Discovery Set

  • Construction
  • Educational Skills

Price: $48.00

Ages: 3-7 yr

Phone: 888-274-6869

A flexible building set that your child can use during the summer to create a sailboat, a robot or whatever else he or she wants to build. This building set includes real tools that are easy and fun to use for parent and child. As always, the quality at BRIO is outstanding and wooden materials give the child additional opportunities for tactile play experiences. Children enjoy building. It helps them to create a world that they can control and it gives them self confidence. If you can take the time to do this discovery set with your child, it is very valuable. It'ís useful for them to learn how to do these projects on their own, but you can join them from time to time and have fun together. These are great projects for children to do alone and to share.

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