Vacation Toys 2000

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I Dig Treasures Mysteries of Egypt

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Educational Skills

Price: $24.99

Ages: 6-12 yr

Phone: 800-440-2630

This company makes the most interesting line of excavation kits. I have reviewed their first product and they get better each year. I Dig Treasures will not disappoint. Discover ancient Egyptian artifacts by digging and taking part in a realistic archeological dig at home. Your child will learn about artifacts of the past that remain buried in a pyramid-shaped sand block. There is a mythical mummy and a death mask that changes color with heat. There is a young pharoh’s sarcophagus. Learn to decipher hieroglyphic tablets and also to understand the sphinx. After the excavation is complete you can paint and display the treasures. This is a project that will delight and is a great project for the summertime or anytime.

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