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Elemen of Periodica

Elemen of Periodica

  • Audio
  • Board Game
  • Book
  • CD-ROM
  • Creative Product
  • Educational Skills

Price: $4.99

Ages: 6-12 yr

Phone: 925-200-7802

An unusual and educational product that assists children to learn the elements of the periodic science table. The elements are presented in an enjoyable and interesting way. The intention is to assist children in understanding science, and the trading card has eight facts including atomic weights, symbol, number, group, period, melting point, boiling point and electron configuration. There is a short story about the adventures. There is also a music CD with a narrative of the storyline. I wish I had had this product when I was studying chemistry. This was made by two families who developed the program. It is a well produced and will provide your young scientist with lots of important information.

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