Vacation Toys 2000

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Color & Wear

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Creative Product
  • Novelty

Price: $19.99

Ages: 3-7 yr

Phone: 570-296-4709

This company developed inkjet heat transfer paper and supplied the first inkjet tee shirt transfer paper. It then became possible to wear transfers with markers, crayons and oil pastels. Colored wear invites children to design and personalize their favorite tee shirts or any light-colored fabric. Children like to show off their artwork. Once it's ironed on, the original artwork is simple and easy to transfer to a tee shirt. The colors are retained. The products in this series are a color 'n wear tee shirt kit with iron-on paper, a large tee shirt, and washable markers. There is also a starter kit, party pack, and a mouse pad kit. These are great projects for creative fun for the summer- time or any time.

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