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Video Buddy

  • Educational Skills
  • Video

Price: $59.95

Ages: 3-6 yr

Phone: 612-820-0600

This is a new interactive video learning system that is changing the way preschoolers watch television rather than only watching kids get to play with videos. It moves them from sitting passively into the fun of learning while viewing. Using special videotapes Video Buddy transforms your TV and VCR into a fun interactive learning system. As kids watch, listen and actively respond their minds are challenged as their confidence grows. It’s easy to set up. Attach the suction cup to the screen and place in one of the Video Buddy videos. During the program kids interact with Video Buddy by pressing brighly colored buttons on the handset to answer questions. Response like “that’s right” or “try again” are provided throughout the built-in speaker. The positive feedback helps builds confidence. It’s perfect for travel as it is lightweight. It can be set up at hotels and other locations. This will help your child have a more enjoyable trip or learn when at home.

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