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USA Map Activity Set

  • Creative Product
  • Educational Skills
  • Travel

Price: $8.00

Ages: 3-8 yr

Phone: 800-445-8347

This is a perfect product for learning geography and creative play. The sturdy play board has 47 reusable magic stickers. The children will have fun as they learn the states, capitols, and cities. The states are outlined along with lakes and oceans. There are die-cut magic sticker shapes of each state. Once the child locates where the state is on the play board, they place the magic sticker on top of the shape. They can learn where the state is located and which states are nearby. There are symbols printed on each sticker that represent a product, material or landmark that can be found in the state. Included is a guide to explain what the symbols represent. What is fun for the children is that they can put the stick easy scenes where they want them to go. They can use the activity over and over again. It is a great way to learn geography in the summer, or any time.

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