Vacation Toys 2000

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  • Arts and Crafts
  • Creative Product
  • Educational Skills
  • Puzzle
  • Transportation
  • Travel

Price: $4.99

Ages: 4-12 yr

Phone: 888-295-0878

This is a three dimensional puzzle made of non-toxic, high-density, bright colored foam. It is washable, detergent safe, and does not absorb water. The characters produced can be dinosaurs, animals or people. These parts are interchangeable, allowing children to make many different forms. Some have wings and can become a fantasy object. There are interesting educational fun facts about each character. It is a great item for travel, or at any time. They are light, easy to pack, not messy, and stored easily. You can have fun with your child making different shapes and forms. You can also paint the characters with nontoxic paint and repaint them again. This is a product to enjoy any time of the year.

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