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Legoland PC CD-ROM

  • Software

Price: $24.95

Ages: 6-12 yr

Phone: 800-453-4652

Legoland CD-Rom brings the thrill of a visit to Legoland into your own home. There are the rides and activities, free play and game play. Your child can build and can also develop game play wherein you meet different levels to accomplish a task before moving to the next level. Children use their imagination to create their very own theme park. Children can build rides and amusements, install refreshment stands, and construct paths and landscapes. Children can create and develop their own special place. Using the themes of ports or driving schools, they can negotiate traffic or the knights’ kingdom castle, complete with a dragon-themed roller coaster ride. Players need to keep track of how much money they have and to be sure that everyone is enjoying the experience. There are different characters in the CD-Rom. One of them is Jonathan Ablebody who wants to deliver the best stay ever to park guests. A great way to visit the park, and it's even more fun to do it in person. The parks are located in Denmark, England and Southern California

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