Vacation Toys 2000

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Wombsong Serenades

  • Audio

Price: $12.98

Ages: 15 mo-3 yr / 1- 3 yr

Phone: 800-344-2229

This compact disc is designed to make connections early with babies and to provide gentle stimulation. In the third trimester of pregnancy, babies can hear and recognize sound. This product works to make contact with the baby through music and allows you to share your voice to stimulate and provide nurturing to your developing baby. The idea behind the product is to enhance baby development and to encourage parents to stimulate the child. You can talk, sing, and be in touch with your baby in a most loving way. The music is familiar with nursery rhyme lullabies and favorites. Updated lyrics focus on positive imagery. The emphasis is stimulating and nurturing quality music that is valuable for children to listen to.

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