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Muffy Stuff Plus Backpack

  • Equipment
  • Travel

Price: $22.00

Ages: 3-8 yr

Phone: 800-682-3427

This delightful and functional accessory is inspired by part of the popular collectible Muffy VanderBear. It is great for kids on the go. It is made of nylon in Muffy signature French blue. This backpack features a roomy main compartment for toting travel necessities or school supplies all year long. It is safe and allows for easy access at the bottom of the bag. The outside pocket is in the shape of Muffy’s head. This backpack has a hanging loop and adjustable nylon straps that fits most kids. The surface is washable nylon for easy care. This backpack measures 12 inches high by 10 inches wide. It is great for enjoying travel any time. The informative picture book in the form of a scrapbook tells the enchanting story of Muffy Vanderbear with illustrations, photography and interactive surprises. This scrapbook is perfect to take along in the backpack to read and enjoy while on travel ($16.95)

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