Vacation Toys 2000

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  • CD-ROM
  • Software

Price: $22.00

Ages: 3-8 yr

Phone: 0064-359-1577

This CD ROM by Ted and Floppy is made in New Zealand. The CD has received a great response. Children enjoy it. The content is based on exploration, discovery and fun. The activities add to the enjoyment of the visuals. There is a combination of music, art activities, and learning. Children are free to explore and have fun playing on their own. It is necessary for an adult to bring out the learning qualities through discussion of the activities, but the entertainment can be enjoyed by the adults as well as the children. The Web site gives you extra activities such as coloring, pictures, resources, ideas and extra information ( Bears was done in a way that creates a world that children can get involved it. It ties everything together. Children start checking it out and get actively involved in it. This interactive journey is filled with bears and friends. Itís multidisciplinary. It is well done and very creative. There is a very clear navigation guide as well that takes you step by step through the whole process.

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