Vacation Toys 2000

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Ravensburger USA


  • Board Game
  • Educational Skills

Price: $14.95

Ages: 5-7 yr

Phone: 800-886-1236

The creepin’ crawlin’ countin’ game. This game is intriguing to children because they have to turn the tiles over and return the tiles to the sandbox. This game builds memory and counting skills. You draw a card and find out how many bugs you need to find. You look for the number of bugs on your card--but look out for Buggo. If you find Buggo, you have to turn the tiles over and return a tile to the sandbox. The tiles form a sandbox of hidden bugs. This is fun for children to play. It has been created by the largest game and puzzle company in Germany. They produce products in 32 different languages. It began as a playing card company 135 years ago and is one of the top puzzle companies in the world.

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