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Lift the Lid Together

  • Book
  • Creative Product
  • Educational Skills
  • Puppet

Price: $34.95

Ages: 3-5 yr

Phone: 800-638-7568

This product focuses on color discrimination and uses activities. It's geared to use by parents and children. There are activities for learning shapes, letters, language experiences, verbal and visual sequencing, small motor skills and texture comparisons. It is based on the original concept of the Stoflox Building Kits, using a patented plastic connector which allows panels both large and small to be locked in place and creating prestructures similar to playhouses and sofa cushion forts. The kits are available in kid size and table top sizes.
Also available are the Lift the Lid Together flannel board activity sets, which have an 8-1/2 x 11" flannel board book, a marker with a loop attached to the book, and an inside pocket which stores the paper and fabric shape assortments for story telling, matching and sequencing. These products allow the child and parent to do creative activities together. The combination of book, flannel board, finger puppet, marker and letters, and a variety of paper and fabric cutouts fit inside the plexiglass lid. A detailed activity guide gives parents information about child growth and what to expect. It's a multisensory approach which incorporates skill mastery.

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