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Snuggle Pets

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  • Plush Toy
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Price: $14.99

Ages: 5-12 yr

Phone: 800-937-7578

Snuggle Pets are an activity kit that the child can learn to sew and hold and enjoy for a long time. It becomes a collectible animal friend. There are seven creatures in the kits, including a dinosaur, a teddy bear, a dolphin with baby, a bunny rabbit, a sea turtle, a kitty cat and a puppy dog. The kits are affordable and can be enjoyed by all ages. The project began as a program designed for individuals with disabilities. Each kit contains a diecut animal shape with prepunched holes for easy lacing, a blunt tapestry needle, polyfill stuffing, colored yarn and directions. This enjoyable project will result in a lovable animal that is machine washable, hypoallergenic and long lasting.

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