Vacation Toys 2000

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Mr. Squawky Talky

  • Creative Product
  • Educational Skills
  • Equipment
  • Plush Toy

Price: $34.99

Ages: 3-6 yr

Phone: 800-521-2010

A hilarious parrot operates by a cordless infrared technology. He can be played with up to 15 feet away. There is a separate phone that communicates with Squawky. Your child will love talking with him. He can flap his wings, move his beak and shake his head plus the numbers light up to help teach counting, math and phone numbers. He is a lively parrot who has a variety of melodies and background music. He is a parrot that will encourage your children in imitative play and that will teach about the world around them with simulating telephone activities and communication skills. He’s teaching preschool curriculum with a playful approach. Children can learn to program their own friends’ and emergency phone numbers. It also helps children develop their creative imagination skills. This is a product that is fun any time, can be taken along on a trip, and will prove to be of value.

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