Vacation Toys 2000

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Smart Wave PC

  • Educational Skills
  • Equipment
  • Software
  • Travel

Price: $19.99

Ages: 4-8 yr

Phone: 800-521-2010

A very useful product that is well designed with many features. There are 20 activities, including letters, spelling, math games, and music. There is a mini-laptop design and a two-line LCD screen. The best feature is the ease with which it can be used and how portable it is. There are three levels of learning. Additional books are sold separately. Kids love this product because it helps them to learn and it is very valuable for parents because it is a product that kids can be productive while they are traveling. The kids love the colors, the adventure play, the animation. It is a useful product, not only for travel during the summer time, but for any time of the year.

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