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Little Architect Master Builder Intermediate Set

  • Construction
  • Creative Product

Price: $49.50

Ages: 6-12 yr

Phone: 800-638-6470

An exciting project for children. Young builder cards are created from 1978 Australia. The colorful building system stimulates the imagination and helps to develop motor skills. There is a slide fit interlocking feature that allows easy joining and dismantling. The bricks have rounded corners. The teacherís manual is provided as well. This product was designed first in 1978 in Australia. It came to our attention as a classic toy, but reached us too late for the program. Instead of waiting another year, we will provide you the information on a great toy that provides hours of building and learning activity for children. It is nontoxic and recyclable. This colorful building system is designed to stimulate imagination and develop fine motor skills. The pieces slide and fit and interlock with each other, and the joining and taking apart is easy. They have rounded corners for safety. There are construction work cards to help the child learn about building. This is a delightful product that will engage your little one at any time of the year.

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