Best Children's Products 2001

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Action Products International

Earth Lore
I Dig Dinosaurs Skull
Excavation Adventures

  • Active
  • Educational Skills Product
  • Fantasy Play
  • Toy
Ages: 5-11

Price: $19.99

Phone: 877-772-2846

Action Products International Dinosaur Excavation

Many years ago, I discovered the Earth Lore Adventure Kits that allowed children to discover a real dig. They can imagine themselves as a paleontologist uncovering the bones for display at a museum. Children use a hammer and chisel to dig up the replica of bones out of a block of rock called Dinostone. After they are found, children reassemble the skull, paint it, and display their discovery. The kit includes the glacial rock, field guide, paint pots and brush. I am pleased to see that Action Products has decided to continue this product and are making it available. There are several different ones to choose from along with many other Action Products website.

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