Best Children's Products 2001

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Educational Insights

GeoSafari Laptop

  • Educational Skills Product
  • Electronic
Ages: 3-8

Price: $49.95

Phone: 800-995-4436

Educational Insights GeoSafari Laptop

This exciting new laptop for younger children comes with lesson cards that add a great deal of value to this product. The lights and sounds assist the game play providing feedback reinforcement. The games can be adjusted to each child’s abilities with three modes of play. The child can work alone, work with a partner or with a parent. This is fun to use in a group and is also an excellent product to take along on a trip. With the Geosafari Laptop, the younger child can now keep up with the older child. Educational Insights has many great new products available for children of all ages. Their focus is on learning, science and discovery. Toobz is a fun product that allows children to create new structures. There are also new products like The Geosafari Extreme 3D Science construction kit, and Sound Effects Mania. Check the website for more recent information on products from this very excellent company.

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