Best Children's Products 2001

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Endless Games

Pop Smarts

  • Board Game
Ages: 10-12

Price: $29.99

Phone: 201-386-9465

Endless Games Pop Smarts

Pop Smarts is a new party game with fast packed action. Questions taken from the 1950ís up to today, include categories that involve movies, television, and questions. One-player acts as an M.C. reading four related clues. The clues might be actors from the same movie or songs from the same band. Players compete to be the first player to link the common thread. The correct guess scores four points, and so on. The first player to score a certain number of points, and answer one complete question in all four or five categories is the winner. This is a lot of fun for older children. It encourages conversation, language skills and encourages good memory. Experienced game marketers Mike Glasser and Kevin McNulty founded Endless Games. Their games are classics that provide hours of fun.

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