Best Children's Products 2001

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Play With Letters Desk

  • Creative Product
  • Educational Skills Product
  • Electronic
Ages: 3-7

Price: $29.99

Phone: 800-432-5437

Fisher-Price Play With Letters Desk

The child rolls a letter on the desk and the desk magically knows which letter was rolled and rewards the child with a response. They can see and hear the letters and can also trace them with their fingers. This product teaches pre-reading skills including letter identification, word association, spelling and more. There are quiz games that prompt the child to find specific letters. The child can play a musical letter song as well and create words. It features a writing surface, dry erase marker, and a four-letter display area for word creation, spelling and picture cards and storage space for the letter tiles. This innovative product also features an automatic shut-off feature. This fun product combines many features to make it a great value. Play With Letters Desk requires 3 AA batteries.

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