Best Children's Products 2001

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Anchor Bay Entertainment

Baby Songs Silly Songs

  • Video Tape
Ages: 0-6

Price: $12.98

Phone: 847-933-9884

Anchor Bay Entertainment Baby Songs Silly Songs

Your child will enjoy using this video that will give them music and activity. This video integrates music and movement into silly activities and word play. It encourages children to enjoy music and itís fun to use almost any time for events or for enjoyable play. Children need movement and this product will help to stimulate them. This video features Hap Palmer. Iím A Pretzel is a tune with scenes of real pretzels being made and children twisting their bodies in new ways. There is humor and advice included. The songs encourage children to participate in activities that they will find more enjoyable because of the fun that is involved. For example, a child that may not like cleaning their room, but will enjoy Amandaís Story where the room gets very messy and she has nightmares about all of her toys running away. Kids that like to stuff their closets with their mess will find there is a limit to how much you can pile in before it all comes crashing down. Baby Songs are a delightful way to introduce music, animation and live action scenes from every day life.

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