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Image Factory

My Best English Vol. 2 Colors

  • Educational Skills Product
  • Video Tape
Ages: 12-36 mos

Price: $16.95

Phone: 800-851-7115

Image Factory My Best English Vol. 2 Colors

This is a series of educational videos that helps children learn language. There are 10 basic colors--images of various objects and animals in each color. There are graphics and animations that make the videos easy to enjoy. Children can interact by repeating what is said. There is good music playing in the background. There are skits and these can be used in a classroom as well as at home. They are simple and easy to follow. The narrator names the color and the objects and it makes a great product to enjoy at any time. The series includes the alphabet, colors and numbers. These are well produced and make a very valuable educational experience as well as a good entertaining program.

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