Best Children's Products 2001

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Inspiration Software


  • Educational Skills Product
  • Software
Ages: grades k-3

Price: $69.00

Phone: 800-877-4292

Inspiration Software Kidspiration

This product builds upon ongoing software that helps children to learn through visual and creative expression. It helps them to learn simple maps, diagrams, and encourages them to organize and express thoughts. There are over 1,200 symbols that will inspire the child to create. They will love working with a “super grouper” which is a way to learn how to arrange thinking and symbols. This writing view integrates picture view, and helps your child with their thoughts, words, and thinking through what they want to express. There is an auditory aspect as well because they can read their work aloud and record it in their own words. The menus buttons in text are audio supported to help children learn to read and navigate. There are 45 built-in student activities in reading, writing, science and social studies. It helps teachers and parents assist children in organizing, understanding, and expressing their thoughts and ideas. This is an excellent new product.

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