Best Children's Products 2001

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Kidzup Productions

Toddler Alphabet Sing-Along

  • Audio Tape
  • Book
  • CD-ROM
Ages: 3-5

Price: $14.99

Phone: 888-321-5437

Kidzup Productions Toddler Alphabet Sing-Along

The collection from KidzUp includes 25 musical songs dedicated to learning the alphabet. The songs are presented as a cast of 26 characters beginning with the actual alphabet song. The lyrics are cute, the music upbeat and the performers are excellent. There are a variety of different kinds of music plus many familiar melodies. Itís useful for children to learn and can be very enjoyable. The activity book has puzzles, creative writing, and spelling games. The music cassette plus the CD-Rom have games to play such as Imrov and Matching Games. These games have multiple levels. This set is a great value!

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