Best Children's Products 2001

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Knowledge Adventure

Math Blaster: Cross Terrain Challenge

  • Software
Ages: 9-12

Price: $19.99

Phone: 800-545-7677

Knowledge Adventure Math Blaster: Cross Terrain Challenge

This is a new software program that adds to the Blaster Learning Series. It provides fast paced action and challenges players to speed, strategy and skill as they race across an obstacle course. This CD-ROM game tests their thinking as well as knowing the answers. They focus on problem solving and are important, positive products to use both in the classroom and at home. One of the products, Rock On, the player must use logic and critical thinking to cross bridges before the path crumbles. They have to connect arches and plan with foresight to collect all of the hoverboards stationed in random locations. The catch is that the player can cross each arch an unlimited amount of times before it crumbles into pieces. Other games include Fire Away, Get A Move On and Power Up Brain Salad that are all fun to play and there is a lot of learning involved. Knowledge Adventure has a lot of other excellent products available. In the Jump Start series children learn about history and they can learn more about science with the Jurassic Park series.

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