Best Children's Products 2001

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Maas Presentations

Remmy and the BrainTrain

  • Book
  • CD-ROM
  • Musical
Ages: 4-8

Price: $16.95

Phone: 607-347-4590

Maas Presentations Remmy and the BrainTrain

This 30-page illustrated book comes with a CD attached inside the front cover. The story describes the function and value of a good night’s sleep from a child’s perspective. Both scientifically accurate and entertaining, it is the kids’ version of the message presented in Dr. James Maas’s best selling book for sleep-deprived adults, Power Sleep. The accompanying CD is a musical version of the story. The lyrics of the songs are the exact words of the book, providing an audio/visual read-along experience. Sound effects and animal voices bring the illustrations to life and provide additional fun for both parents and kids.

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