Best Children's Products 2001

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Master Communications

Families of the World Video Series

  • Educational Skills Product
  • Social Responsibility
  • Travel
  • Video Tape
Ages: 5-11

Price: $19.95

Phone: 800-888-9681

Master Communications Families of the World Video Series

These 30-minute documentary videos take us through the typical day in the lives of two families in a given country. They introduce you to each familyís housing, food, clothing, religion, schools and business. Itís very much like living with the family. It is very educational for children to understand all countries. The countries included in this series are: India, Thailand, Mexico, Japan, Sweden, China, Brazil, Puerto Rico, United States, Ghana and Israel. These videos are very well produced and highly educational and will help bring children closer to the world of the lives of other children. This company was formed in 1994 by Selina Yoon to help children learn Asian languages. She had difficulty finding materials for her own children. The website provides many resources. Many of these videos show the differences between children living in rural and urban areas. Itís very important for children to understand that there are differences even within a particular country.

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