Best Children's Products 2001

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Milton Bradley/Hasbro

Wheels on the Bus

  • Board Game
  • Electronic
Ages: 3-6

Price: $19.99

Phone: 888-836-7025

Milton Bradley/Hasbro Wheels on the Bus

This is an excellent product that provides singing and learning songs. As you roll the bus through the town, you pass the post office, school and there is a token that matches the wheels. If you match all four of the bus parts, you win. The song and the play is fun for everyone in the family to play. Everything that you need to play is included and it requires 3 AA batteries. This unique memory game provides fun for each player. The bus tells each player what part it needs such as wipers or wheels. The player draws two cards to match the needed part. The first to collect the four matches wins. At the end of the game the bus plays the entire Wheels on the Bus song for everyone to sing. There are many new games and puzzles offered from Hasbro for all ages and interests. From tri-level puzzles which allow them to build, Bob the Builder puzzles which allow for construction, easy to grasp puzzles and other games.

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